1Q'2021 Commentary

Figure 8’s 1Q’21 Quarterly Comments

A Time For Renewal The first quarter of 2021 brought springtime and with it a distinct air of optimism that the world is turning the corner […]
4Q'2020 Commentary

Figure 8’s 4Q’20 Quarterly Comments

“Goodbye 2020“ 2020 was an incredible year. Between the global pandemic, massive fires, intense political strife, trade wars, racial injustice and social unrest, and threats to […]
3Q'2020 Commentary

Figure 8’s 3Q’20 Quarterly Comments

The 3rd quarter of 2020 demonstrated once again the big and growing disconnect between the markets and the “real economy” – that is, the economic reality […]

Quarterly Commentary for 2Q 2020: Investing for Racial Justice

The second quarter of 2020 brought a dramatic disconnect between the real economy and the markets. Stocks soared near pre-pandemic levels while virtually all the major […]
A hand holding some loose change, and a sign reading make a change

Taking a Stand for Change: How to Give Now

This is a terrible, heartbreaking time in America. Since March, more than 100,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Over 40 million people have filed for unemployment […]

Figure 8 stands in solidarity with black and minority communities across the U.S.

Figure 8 mourns the death of George Floyd and countless other black and minority Americans who have been unjustly harmed as a result of deep and […]

Figure 8 Joins Investor Action on Coronavirus Response

Figure 8 has joined with more than 300 investors representing more than $8 trillion in assets to call on corporations to protect jobs and ensure worker […]
Quarterly Commentary 1Q’20 Comments

Figure 8’s 1Q’20 Comments

Here at the end of 2020’s first quarter, things look very different than when we delivered our previous commentary just 3 months ago. The coronavirus pandemic […]

Figure 8’s 4Q’19 Quarterly Comments

The year 2019 turned out to be a really good one for investors. In spite of trade wars, political uncertainties, and tangible signs of a potential […]
Signs of Slowing

Figure 8’s 3Q’19 Quarterly Comments

 Signs of Slowing  There were growing signs of a slowing economy during the 3rd quarter, but markets held stable nonetheless. The US-based S&P 500 finished up […]