Where to turn when migrating to America ruins your career
February 22, 2017

Figure 8 Commits to President Obama’s Call to Action

President Obama's Call to Action through the Partnership for Refugees

Figure 8 Investment Strategies is very proud to be one of the companies which committed to President Obama’s Call to Action!

White House Announces Commitments to the Call to Action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis

Today, the White House is announcing that 51 companies from across the American economy have made new, measurable, and significant commitments to aid refugees in the United States and around the world in response to the President’s June Call to Action. These companies, representing more than 2.5 million employees, more than $775 billion in annual revenue, and more than $3.2 trillion in market capitalization, are standing with the Administration to demonstrate that private sector innovation and resources can have a durable impact on refugees residing in countries on the frontlines of the global refugee crisis and in countries of resettlement, like the United States. In total, these 51 companies have committed to investing, donating, or raising more than $650 million. https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/the-press-office/2016/09/20/fact-sheet-white-house-announces-commitments-call-action-private-sector