They escaped ‘certain death’ as refugees. Now they study every Sunday to become Idaho doctors
Figure 8’s 2Q’19 Quarterly Comments

Lisa Cooper – Global Talent Idaho and Figure 8 Investment, Boise Idaho

Our friend Judy Dorsey, founder of sustainability consulting firm Brendle Group, has just started a six-month sabbatical to explore the linkages between climate disruption and migration. As Judy travels the world, she is chronicling the interesting people she meets and the things she’s learning about climate impacts and humanitarian responses. We are honored to have Figure 8 founder Lisa Cooper included, to share perspectives from the Figure 8 team, whose members have migrated as refugees from different parts of the world. Ahmed Aljuboori obtained his doctorate in economics in Iraq, Richard Naing is a civil engineer from Burma, and Zinah Salih is a medical doctor from Iraq. Read more here.