Quarterly Commentary 1Q’20 Comments
Figure 8’s 1Q’20 Comments
Figure 8 stands in solidarity with black and minority communities across the U.S.

Figure 8 Joins Investor Action on Coronavirus Response

Figure 8 has joined with more than 300 investors representing more than $8 trillion in assets to call on corporations to protect jobs and ensure worker health and safety during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. At this exceptionally challenging time in the world, we believe the business and investment communities must act boldly to protect workers and ensure that the recovery ahead supports development of a sustainable economy that provides opportunity and security for all. 

The Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response specifically urges companies to provide emergency paid leave to its workers; prioritize health and safety through remote work, rotating shifts, and specialized training; take all possible measures to retain workers through the crisis; maintain supplier and customer relationships to ensure a stable supply chain, and act with the highest level of financial prudence especially around compensation through the duration of the crisis. The statement, led by Domini Impact Investments, the Interfaith Center of Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), and the Office of the New York City Comptroller, asserts that corporations can lead by using their power as a force for tremendous good.

We agree: corporate leadership is critically needed now, more than ever, as we face the global humanitarian crisis of COVID-19 together.