Quarterly Commentary for 2Q 2020: Investing for Racial Justice
4Q'2020 Commentary
Figure 8’s 4Q’20 Quarterly Comments

Figure 8’s 3Q’20 Quarterly Comments

3Q'2020 Commentary

The 3rd quarter of 2020 demonstrated once again the big and growing disconnect between the markets and the “real economy” – that is, the economic reality on the ground for most people, communities, and all but the largest businesses. There’s a lot of talk about recovery – which, as defined by the Oxford dictionary as a “return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength,” seems an inaccurate term to use right now with unemployment at historic highs, thousands of small business shuttered, schools unable to operate regular schedules, and coronavirus numbers once again surging across the US and Europe. Read more here… Figure 8’s 3Q’20 Quarterly Comments