Personalized and Comprehensive


Figure 8 provides clients with personalized investment advice and services.

We provide comprehensive investment management designed to meet each client’s goals, with investments fully allocated across asset classes, a high level of transparency and consciousness around fees, and a focus on integrating sustainability and social impact where it can make the most difference.

We offer the Figure 8 Global Equity Strategy for clients seeking active sustainability-focused equity management. The strategy integrates analysis of environmental sustainability, social impact and corporate governance (ESG) factors, is fossil fuel free and seeks to deliver competitive investment returns over the long term. The Global Equity Strategy is designed to serve as the core of many of our clients’ investment portfolios.

For clients seeking comprehensive investment management, the Figure 8 relationship begins with financial planning, to build a personalized strategy which seeks to meet each client’s goals and values over time. The financial planning process includes identifying goals for retirement, children’s education and estate planning, and for providing family support and charitable giving, both here & abroad. Financial planning services are also available separately.

Throughout client portfolios, we integrate impact strategies to invest in solutions designed to combat climate change, improve water and energy consumption, bring education and employment opportunities to underserved populations, boost community economic development and create more equitable outcomes around the world. Impact investment opportunities are evolving rapidly; Figure 8 aims to be at the forefront in delivering impact investment opportunities to clients.